Happy Watt
5500 Pearl Court, Ellabell, GA 31308
Tiny Houses
20ft Container-based, Connect and Off-grid, Modular, Mobile

Perfect for a weekend get away! Lots of open space inside, bathroom with shower and regular toilet, kitchen with stove and sink.

If you want something more than a flimsy wood-framed tiny house on a trailer, go container based. We start out with a new container which will last forever (especially through storms) and not rot like wood.

Best of all, you won't get claustrophobic inside. Just open the big container doors, French doors and the bathroom door and you have a nice natural breeze through it. Look at the pictures of our current Deluxe model project: It appears nothing is inside but bathroom and kitchen are installed. Indoor and outdoor living at its best.

20ft containers are easy to move and set up. They even fit on a tow truck and can be delivered anywhere.

Included are a kitchenette and a generous size bathroom: 4-burner gas stove, kitchen sink, shower, standard size toilet, bathroom sink, hot and cold lines and even A/C. Just hook water connector up to a garden hose, extend the waste hose to your house septic tank and plug the electric cable in your 120V outdoor house electric outlet.

can add-on functionality as you desire, i.e. mobile septic tank, mobile water tanks and pumps, tile bathroom, all the way to full off-grid capability.

Dimension: 20x8x8.6